Welcome to the home of Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State.CHOIS exists to inspire parents to educate their children at home, to promote parent-led, family-funded, relationship-based home education, and to preserve homeschool freedoms. We are a non-profit organization committed to encouraging families who choose homeschooling. Join us for our annual Idaho homeschool convention and subscribe to our magazine the CHOIS Connection.  


Starting Home Education

Have you been thinking about homeschooling but don't know where to start? Questions you may be asking: How do I take my kids out of school? What is the law and the requirements? What about socialization? We have oodles of helps for you. Check HERE for our helpful tips.


 Mark your calendars and join us for a very special event honoring Idaho's homeschooled students graduating from senior high in a formal, reverent, cap and gown ceremony. Admission is free for friends, family, and the homeschool community to attend. We request that air horns not be used during the ceremony out of consideration for those seated around you. Also, please note that our facility does not permit helium balloons in the building. 

CHOIS Connection

The statewide magazine for home educators in Idaho is CHOIS Connection. This quarterly publication includes articles from nationally recognized authors as well as regularly featured Idaho writers. Click HERE to learn more.


CHOIS is a non-profit organization run completely by a volunteer staff. We welcome individuals interested in encouraging Christian homeschooling families. With a view of multi-generational homeschooling, parents and grandparents with a like-minded vision are encouraged to contact us. Please click here.



Visit the CHOIS Facebook page and enter to win one of three copies of the book Heart of Homeschooling by commenting on the post. Good luck!