Children’s Program

Children’s Program


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s a Super Hero of Faith headed straight for the CHOIS Children’s Program!  This year, your children ages 5-11 will be encouraged and equipped while exploring Hebrews 11 and the Super Heroes Hall of Fame. Children will learn how they too can gain a faith that performs acts of righteousness, obtains promises, and makes the weak strong! Faithman, Negatron, and the Scripture Buliders, Hanz and Franz, will be on hand to provide inspiring skits, songs and scripture memory. We will have exciting new activities this year including special sessions JUST for 10-11 year olds!

Convention attendees may enroll their children (ages 5-11) in the two-day CHOIS Children’s Convention. Miss Abbie Kircher will manage our team of enthusiastic and well-trained teen volunteers. Children must have at least one parent attending the convention to be enrolled. Children must be 5 years old by the convention to attend. Early registration is required as there are a limited number of openings for the children’s program. There will be no registration at-the-door for this program. Only children who are pre-registered for the children’s program may attend the CHOIS Children’s’ Convention! 

Children’s Schedule:

Check-in                        8:30 am

Check-out for lunch        11:45 am

Check-in                        1:15 pm

Check-out                       6:00 pm


There will be a Children’s Program Presentation at the conclusion of the Saturday afternoon Keynote Session. Children will be with their parents during the lunch break so that our volunteers may also eat lunch.