Children’s Program

Children’s Program


The Children’s Program is now CLOSED. We are not able to accept any more registrations for the Children’s Program. Unfortunately, our children’s program is limited by space and we have filled the space allowed by the fire department.

Howdy Friends! We invite all young’uns to come on down to the Sonbrook Farm! We’ll explore the farmyard and the Appleseed Orchard as we learn about growing in Christ, all the way from planting seeds to producing some mighty fine fruit. Y’all will enjoy blue ribbon stories and crafts, and our hoedown songs will keep you humming all the way home. Sign up now for some down-to-earth farm fun and get ready to grow a rich harvest!

Convention attendees may enroll their children (ages 5-11) in the two-day CHOIS Children’s Convention. Miss Abbie Kircher will manage our team of enthusiastic and well-trained teen volunteers.

Children must have at least one parent in attendance at the convention. Early registration is required due to the limited number of openings. There will be no registration at the door for the Children’s Program. Questions? If you have any questions, feel free to email them to us at

 Children’s Schedule:

Check-in                        8:30 am

Check-out for lunch        11:45 am

Check-in                        1:15 pm

Check-out                       6:00 pm


There will be a Children’s Program Presentation at the conclusion of the Saturday afternoon Keynote Session. Children will be with their parents during the lunch break so that our volunteers may also eat lunch.

Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children.