Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer FAQs

Are the volunteers important?

YES! Our convention is run entirely by volunteers from the board to children’s program workers. In order to serve the homeschool community and keep costs low all proceeds from the convention go right back into our community.

What should I wear?

Because we represent the whole homeschool community and because attendees at the conference share a wide variety of convictions about clothing we ask that our volunteers wear the following:

LADIES:  Slacks or skirts with a nice blouse. Dress capris are acceptable.

MEN: Slacks with a button-up shirt or polo shirt.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: Please do not wear shorts, jeans, short skirts, tank tops, blouses with cleavage or midriff showing, or clothing that is too form-fitting or revealing on the day(s) you are scheduled to volunteer.

What time do we meet?

Depending upon your volunteer position we will meet at various times. Some volunteer positions require you to arrive before the convention starts, some to stay after it ends and some require you to arrive on a different day all together. Please check in at the Volunteer Coordinators desk when you arrive at the convention site so you can be given specific directions for your job position.

Where do we meet?

Most all volunteer positions meet at the convention site either the day of or a few days before.

What is the length of time I will serve?

If you have been given a CHOIS Scholarship we ask that you serve 2-4 hours at the convention site. This option does not include serving as a Workshop Monitor; all other volunteer spots are eligible. Unfortunately we are not able to scholarship Teens or Children. If you are not a scholarship volunteer you can volunteer any amount of time you wish.

Will I receive some kind of training of what I’m expected to do?

An explanation of expectations for your particular volunteer spot will be given upon you checking in at the Volunteer Coordinators table in the morning. If you would like an explanation before this time this can be given on the phone or via email.

Can I have my children with me?

The volunteer opportunities that allow children to serve also are usually before the convention stuffing welcome bags, set up or after the convention during clean up. Otherwise it is not a suitable environment for your children to serve alongside you.

Will I have the opportunity to attend workshops during my shift?

Usually during your volunteer shift you miss the workshops that are in progress, but there is a MP3 of the entire convention for sale in the lobby from CanAda Media.

What if I get sick or the unexpected happens?

Will there be a backup volunteer? We usually have just enough volunteers to serve at the convention, but in case of illness we know that the Lord will provide a backup volunteer to cover your spot.

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